Steve Jobs once said, " you can't connect a dot looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward". Therefore you have to trust the dots to connect you somehow to your future. Believe in something you are capable of doing, because believing in your capabilities would connect you down the road. The best wish you could ever rely on is to tell the world that you are limitless, no matter the hardship and pain inflicted on you or the number of times you are beaten down by life.

When you fall, don't quit but muster courage and keep pressing on. For it is said that, " if you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost but rather you learn than never before". Strength grows at the moment you think you can't go on but you keep going anyway. When the race of life put you in a tough situation, never say " why ", because the tough situation is meant purposely to elivate you from where you are onto a new pedestal. A lot of people toil to create a style to meet the changing scenes in life but it's never too late to also come forth with a brand to differentiate yourself from the " Ordinary in mind ". 


The personality in which you wish to see yourself in years to come solely depends on what you feed your mind on today, most especially the ideas you are connected with and the kind of thought you have. The media is the most influential tool which trains the mind positively or negatively. The media which is the fourth realm of estate could be term as a character building day because it can influence you to toil to the best of you at the sometime drains and derails your well-being. Your future always appear with eyes filled in tears begging you to feed your mind everyday. It rings a bell to depict discipline and not to put up a lackadaisical attitude to be like the rest but to learn more than the rest, work hard and be smarter than the rest. 

The future throws a headlight to do the work now, so you can enjoy later. If you don't feed your mind with success, it will get rotten with mediocrity and do harm to your personality.
Your actions today depicts your future and for that matter, what you desire out of life, you must put it in by fighting for it. If you are dying out for success, a comfortable lifetime and happiness, your actions will equal your results. There is nothing you cannot become, do or have when you have in mind that you are limitless. You will never get it done, if you keep thinking of how to get it done. Just work for it and never wish for it. You may happens to be a victim of a street hustler, who make ends meat under the lime light on the street. You may be prone to poverty, destitute or strip of the good fortunes in life, wearing tattered clothes and stinks so bad to entertain your presence. Note that, there is hope for tomorrow to wake you up from your slumber, so accept your circumstance by fate and enroll on with life for a turn around.

It could be that, your tragic scene is very pitiful to get console with due to an i'll treatment and injustice meted out to you in a crack of whip, crackling of wood and a creak of a hinge and at the same time bombarded with a load of burden. Never accept defeat because of your situation, or because the best moment hasn't been actualize yet. Even if you get stuck by the pathless wood in life, where your face tickle with cobwebs broken across it open. It's an indisputable fact to wish to get away from the earth awhile, and then come back to begin all over again. But don't forget to to whisper into the ears of nature, so that no fate willfully misunderstands you and half grant what you wish and snatch you away not to return. Time is a great teacher which could tell whom you are destined to be, so don't curse or cast insinuations on nature, for There Is Hope For Tomorrow so don't be cut down by the heart

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  1. Nice piece. Thanks for the inspiration

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  2. Nice piece. Thanks for the inspiration.