Great dreams certainly begin with a dreamer and personalities who see from afar. In the success race, the truth involved is that, prominent personalities do suffer before reaching up their ultimate prioritize goals. Maybe I'm sending someone into a state of dilemma, but the truth is, to get to a new pedestal in life by distinguishing yourself from the ordinary ones, sweat is the penalty to shoot into the goal post. Sometimes the pressure could overwhelmed you and dwindles your hopes and aspirations. People we sometimes look up to do derail our hopes and aspirations in life. 

The most annoying part of all is when people refuse to fulfill their promises and leave us into a state of disappointment. Now to the dream chasers, don't easily give up on your goals and aspirations. In case you're not fortunate to meet up with how you plan things to workout, don't be redundant but just engage yourself in something worthwhile and profitable. 

Make the very best out of what is available to you. Catastrophes are bound to happen but yet in the midst of the difficult moment there's a way out. You could be tamed in the journey of life at this genture but that doesn't mean you're enslaved but rather you're being shown how to strive and fight your own strife and actualize or realize the best in the worse moment. 

It could happens that an invisible sharp-pointed spikes of bamboo might aim at you in all directions. Even your skull could crush out in your mind but time would be by your side and walk with you in your own pace. Never loose hope or give in to failure because, fate would never let your effort go worthless but rather crown you as a success model at the end of time. Maybe this is not the hour your pilot promise to show up with your success lace. 

Time and fate may join heads to conspire against an innocent like your type by forcing you against your will but God still reigns so don't ever give in to failure for trying times could earn you to aim high. In all you do or prevail, never lose your tongue and let the unspeakable prophecy come out. Guide the secret from time to time in order not to concord to the hour your fate and time agreed upon. 

Don't allow old age to catch up with your goals and aspirations in a very striving and unguarded moment of trails and tribulations. But always wish and desire that you could postpone time to save you from the the unbearable agony of thinking of what to tell nature. Sometimes it could happen that your soul is lost and your lace as well. Maybe there's no color left in your life yet seek for a brief period of respite to set your thought in order. 

Just stop the voices that are screaming out warnings and threats. A time might come where those people you led you astray would stare at you and point out their skinny, old, withered and bony fingers at you accusingly for a helping hand after their wickedness has been found rootless. Though hope is not a grain of sand but science gives hope twice three score and ten

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