All fingers are not the same in length but when they are bent, all stands equal. Life becomes much easier when we bend and adjust to situations. Some fingers are bigger than others, in the same way, people are not the same. Some are weak, some are strong and in the same way some are rich while some are poor. But aside these, each and everyone is capable of doing things that others cannot do. As the Akan proverb goes, "all peppers presumably on the same tree do not ripen simultaneously ". 

This proverb goes beyond boarders to admonish the greater ones to help the less fortunate with the implicit understanding that, fortunes could reverse and for that matter they will surely need someone's help. Time indeed changes, so any advantage one may have in a lifetime may not persist forever. Some may shoot ahead first in the race of life but eventually you could also catch up, because it's possible. Why are you filled with much guilt and down hearted just because someone is leading the race? But do you know that all glitters that shine are not gold? Never compare yourself to anyone in case things seem to be tearing apart or not going smoothly as you wished. Seeing someone ahead of you or driving in a flashy car doesn't mean he/she has attained all the good fortunes in this world.

There is something unique about you which no one can compete you with. Though all fingers are alike but not equal. I have deliberated on this issue for years now and yet the result remains the same. The fingers need each other so that they could be useful. The world was design in such a brilliant way to bring out what's called possibility. I disagree why some people blame nature for being unfair. Though we all hope for the best outcome to pop up but we sometimes lack the courage to understand nature. Twins born in same-day by one womb and bread under same roof even have some distinct features. According to the accounts of creation, every single creature which the eyes could be laid on has a unique purpose for life in its own way and style. Have you ever ask yourself why there are a lot of different kinds of fashion in our world today? Why don't we adopt a single brand and of fashion? 

This is just because each and everyone believes in his/her own craftsmanship,  and most importantly, different kinds of fashion prevail to boost harmony in living. Don’t tends to be depressed anytime you find yourself in a mess or lock up in a conflict. Never think that you're in a defense mode whenever someone says something negative and you mistakenly refer it to yourself and feels that you can't help it anymore. The situation is not unique because, it's even common to our ladies of today. There are millions of people especially the young exuberant, who take a glance at themselves in the mirror and hate what they see. Their conscience tells them that, if they are able to change their outward appearance or looks, this would significantly reflect and improve their chance of success. But unfortunately for them their idea behind success is just an illusion. The tragic scene in this tale is that, if you don't accept yourself, you will end up in a lifetime of suffering. In our world today, a lot of parents influence their children in an ungrateful way and manner by making their wards loose focus in building their potentials.

Parents tap their foresight on other people's achievements and possessions and wish to see their children in such profession, without considering their children's abilities or capabilities. I have personally witness such incident for some couple of years, and now the situation is quite disgusting and disturbing. Most of the parents believe that, the best profession in our erra is becoming a medical doctor, lawyer, minister or a big time politician which is just a fallacy. Students now adays are forced in the matter of choosing a course to study in higher institutions without weighing their capabilities or interest.

This situation has made a multi-million students mess up and ended up failing in a course which doesn't tally with their interest and capability. Never sideline yourself to one side of the world because, success could be only achieve when two heads tap their ideas to work towards a course in a different perspective.  The most embarrassing part is to understand that, the path of self acceptance will provide the best opportunities for an optimal self development. Accepting who you are and seeing yourself in a positive light will lay down the foundation for living life to the fullest and will bring out the best in you. 

You might have a specific talent that will be a stepping stone towards success but if you don't accept yourself, your success will remain limited. Likewise, you might have few natural talents but with a generous dose of self-esteem you are likely to achieve far more than those with natural abilities, therefore embrace the beauty you have within with a smile

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