We all need deadlines. We can’t just dream we got to set a time by which we hit the goal and make the dream a reality. No targets or goals have any sense of urgency with no deadlines at all. Our reluctance to begin anything isn’t about readiness, it’s usually just the lack of a set time for completion.Nothing gets done without a deadline.

December, the last month of every year is naturally an evaluation month where people assess what they did and failed to do in various aspects of their lives. “Got that admission? Graduated? Set up that business? Got married? Completed the project? Finally invested? Saved up that much? Just a few out of the valid questions asked to uncover what goals were reached by the December deadline in the year. We get to review the checklist we entered January with.

January’s checklist is mostly unaccomplished by December either due to its unrealistic nature, too much optimism about how much time there is, procrastination or laziness.

It is an observation at school mostly that here are students who cannot begin anything at all be it an assignment, exam preparation or a project regardless of how big it is till the deadline is looming. At this point the all-nighters and the rush to get things together sets in. This isn’t only stressful but leaves the final goal flawed. This particular school habit is only a snapshot of the bigger picture.

There are a lot of people who actually believe they can do more just a few days or hours from the deadline under pressure when a deadline is looming. Actions and decisions made when the deadline is glaring are usually rushed and problematic.

Once a‘finish time’ for your goal is set, there are three things to do,

1.       Begin immediately  2. Utilize every moment 3. Set mini deadlines within the bigger one
Deadlines should motivate you to focus on your set goals and not push you to take rushed steps or make rushed decisions. Let your Decembers reflect and celebrate your year of hard work and reached goals. Hit Reset Button in January.

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