Our ability to speak is undoubtedly very key to our livelihood as it is fundamental to self-expression and communication. Effective communication is really important because it is essential to establishing relationships and maintaining them. What we say represents us in diverse ways and gives a clear indication of who we are and what we know. It is important then, to say what we mean and mean what we say.

 Moderation has a way of bettering all things through balance and talking without it, leaves a running tap of words in no cautious selection that could use a plumber!

There have been so many situations talking less and listening more could have saved. Excessive talking keeps our ears shut. It’s impossible to get a conversation going when everyone is talking too much. Quiet people learn what talkers miss from talking too much and are relatively more observant. Excessive talkers spend a great part of their time finding what next to say rather than deliberating on plans or pathways that enable action. 

Talking too much usually follows thinking too little. Loud appraisals of self very frequently that could lead to telling lies about capabilities, achievements and possessions are as a result of excessive talking. Trying to keep talking when there is nothing to say has led many people to tell lies that cost them their credibility. Excessive talkers are difficult to trust.

Talking keeps you from doing. People complain about stolen ideas because they only talk and talk and do nothing till a listener picks it, dusts it and makes something out of it. Good jobs have flown out the window. Great opportunities have been lost by talking too much and spilling too much about that goal that was still a work in progress to the wrong people.

Don’t be a bore with unending streams of talking. Let people look forward to your opinion by speaking in moderation. Talk because you’ve got something to say and not because you’ve got to say something. Read wide, listen, be observant, and learn more so that whenever you make a speech, it’s a pleasure to listen to as there’s a consistent flow of wisdom. Let your work in progress mature into an achievement and speak for itself. Like they say, Work hard in silence, let success make the noise. Do more, achieve more so that your words carry weight. Words mean nothing with nothing to show for them.
|There’s a lot to achieve and even more to do! Do not lose it all to your mouth|

|Ӏíƒҽstyle with Bernys|

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