It’s something most girls say, ‘I’ll always be daddy’s little girl’ or the guy’s inclination towards always being there for mummy. There could also be mum’s girls and dads boys or ‘the nobody’s person’ who’s equally committed to both parents. These are all some form of byproducts of parenting.

Family is everything. Having someone sit in for you and take charge of your life by making choices, taking decisions and righting your wrongs till you’re old enough to take charge is a privilege. It’s a life stage with ups and ‘can I decide for myself already’, but it is a stage where parents know what’s best for us regardless.

The parent-child family tie is one that cannot be severed easily. At some point in the parent child relationship however, the child has got to leave. Not just physically but financially and mentally. As part of the growth process, children must be able to stand on their own, and as much as they remain children of their parents, they ought to become adults capable of making their own decisions, making a living and raising a family of their own. 

They become mature and even have children of their own to raise. It makes the life cycle as beautiful as it should be and as children learn to let go and fit into their roles as adults, parents should also learn to let them go and believe they’ve done a good job enough by building a solid foundation for their children.

As we get older, we have to learn to take control of situations. You need to learn to be your own person. As you leave your mother and father, you eventually cleave to someone else and become one as is said in Matthew 19:5 in the Bible. It becomes inappropriate then to run to daddy or mummy to take life decisions for you, be it marital, parenting, career or any other. The most they can do is make suggestions. Continuous parental interference eventually affects relationships and marriages adversely. Seek advice from time to time but be able to brainstorm with your partner and help them make the best decisions and choices as well as solve problems.

Whoever we choose to build a life with may not treat us like our dads did or cook like our mums did but life is a continuous learning process and practice perfects things. Let’s not hold them to that standard.
We ought to take good care of our parents as they age, appreciate and be there for them but we have to balance the commitment between our own lives and catering for our parents.
 Be responsible.Being daddy’s little girl or a mama’s boy is fine, in reality you’ll always be, but do not let it take a toll on your maturity. Make them proud, stand firm on the foundation they built and let them rest.

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