Just Cold Criticism.

At every corner turned out here, there’s one counselor or the other, for every mistake made, written pieces, open letters and comments fly to and fro enriched with grammar, making a repetition of the same rebuke as though it were a contest to find out who emerges the critic with the best vocabulary. Churches continue to rise in number, there’s an array of speakers in almost every market place. All these are believed to seek the same things. To correct, advice and lead to the right path. This is why the fact that these numbers are growing simultaneously with wrongdoing can’t go unnoticed.

Mistakes, shortcomings and wrongdoings are an inevitable part of life. Day in and day out, people disprove of other’s actions, ranging from government decisions to life decisions entertainers make. There are even disagreements born out of mistakes in our daily interactions, actions and inaction's. However an action considered a grave mistake by one person, might either not be such a big deal to the other, just deliberate or done out of some form of ignorance.

 ‘They should know better’ we say, ‘I thought you knew better’, we hear. Well, I didn’t, they didn’t which is what urged you to set out to be the critic so make them! Do not just lash out, hammer on the fault or simply see to a payback to prove “I am there too!”, “they’ve met their match”, ”serves them right” where you are offended.

Yes, we matter, ‘self’ matters but we could be a bit more selfless and love the other person enough to point out or even go a step further to explain to them why they are wrong, when they are wrong and show them what the right thing to do is rather than give them a continuous reminder of the ‘wrong doer status’, throw them an insult or take up the announcer role to let the whole world know. You might even discover areas where you weren’t as right as you thought you were in the process of correcting the other person.

Criticism without alternative they say is empty. It can be quite difficult to take an honest look at where we are going wrong or our shortcomings however, becoming repentant and taking steps to correct wrongs hinge on the quality of correction; how constructive the critic was, the love and concern shown and how distinct it was. So many incidents can be prevented with a loving correction right at the beginning.

Criticizing constructively, selflessly and lovingly produces results. It reminds everyone that there’s someone out there and around them to help them shape up to a better version of themselves.
ΓΌ  teaching each other the better way
ΓΌ   going about reprove the right way
ΓΌ  Constructive, loving and change inducing criticism

 Real and lasting change cannot be wished into existence or demanded. It is inspired into being.

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