Opposition of ‘her’, by ‘her’ and for ‘her’. -

‘Where women rule, streams run uphill’ says an Ethiopian proverb seeking to highlight how capable the female is of the extraordinary. Over the years quotes and sayings such us ‘educate a woman, educate a nation, educate a man, educate an individual and the most debated ‘a woman can do better what a man can do’ as well as dramas and stage plays on empowering the woman have had their moment on our airwaves. They still are to some extent. The girl child is taught to look out for number one and reminded that she’s no longer just a boss in the kitchen but is made for dynamic purposes.

The battle against discrimination against women and feminine opposition from the masculine side has come a long way. It has made a difference. It has amplified the female voice and given meaning and value to our views and opinions and to some extent to levelled the grounds and given females some sort of liberation. 

Women cast their vote, get an education, own businesses and are able to take up leadership roles and even though the battle hasn’t been completely won, it has made a lot of progress such that not every woman identifies with the victim mindset of inequality any longer.

A new opponent has cropped up however, an opponent equipped with every single next move and the entire game plan. COMPETITION! Initially, it meant us no harm, it sought to make us a better version of ourselves till we chose to blow out the other persons candle to make ours glow better. Our quest to bring another woman down to our level instead of working on how to become as good as they are or better by drawing inspiration from each other has branded us our own enemies. It is more dangerous because we know each other better and understand better. 

The strongest anti -feminist utterances lately, come from women. ‘Want your peace and the progress of your business do not employ or appoint women they are difficult to work with’ some business owners and institutional heads say! We seem to project that ‘we fought for equity because we could oppose our own selves better’.

 On a general note, the least we can do for businesses and progressions we cannot promote is not dragging them down.
Competition should make us better not turn us against one another. Women have numbers and if we could light another’s candle rather than blow out an already lit one, the world will be a very bright place to be. Take the somewhat level ground wave and inspire, influence and transform. Stand firm in the face of tough opposition. Make it BIG. Women for all women! Women for the world!

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