LIFESTYLE WITH BERNYS -- BLENDING FRUITS? 5 Essential Smoothie Benefits you never knew about

BLENDING FRUITS? 5 Essential Smoothie Benefits

Smoothies have gradually become a much enjoyed delicacy in most societies, a healthy lifestyle option for health conscious consumers. 

Making thick drinks from whole fruits by blending has made fruit consumption easier and even vegetables are not left out. 

There could be as much variety you’d like to have in just one drink. It’s the freshest and fastest way to get yourself a healthy balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. There are thousands of recipes depending what the consumer would like to derive.

Here are 5 key advantages a healthy smoothie consumption holds


Smoothies are a delicious source of vitamins and minerals that nourish the body and keep the body hydrated. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day might be challenging for you and so you could increase the water content of your smoothie thereby consuming water without even noticing.


Smoothies that contain ingredients such as ginger, banana, apple, kale are effective in combating acne and other skin issues giving the skin a soft and healthy look and feel. Smoothies that contain leafy green vegetables also contain anti-oxidants and fiber which eventually leads to rejuvenated and glowing skin.


Even though it is not guaranteed that the consumption of a particular food can lead to weight loss, smoothies are a healthy replacement for high calorie snacks and drinks. They contain a high amount of fiber and water and makes you feel fuller. Green smoothies especially help minimize food cravings and hunger and helps you shed a few pounds. It is necessary to consume homemade smoothies so that the ingredients are dictated by your informed choices.

The intake of fruits and vegetables in liquid form makes break down and digestion of nutrients easier for the body. Some smoothie ingredients are great in correcting digestive issues such as constipation indigestion, and others.


Kids usually love the taste of something creamy and sweet. A smoothie naturally sweetened by a fruit or pure honey makes it easier for kids to consume fruits and vegetables they would never consume on their own. Kids get to share in all the benefits that come with fruit and vegetable consumption this way.

Smoothies help flush excess toxins out of the body, taking with it that sluggish bloated feeling, cleanses the liver and boost energy.

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