For weeks images with the inscription 5FOOT3 arrested social media. Everywhere we passed we saw 5FOOT3. It made us curious, trying to ask questions about what was coming but the answers we got were not convincing enough so we had get incontact with the name we saw on the teasers- Now we talking about SLYKID, he is not your everyday recording artiste, we would say he puts much thought and draws inspiration from every possible place he can to pen down and record his songs.

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Alright so we caught up with SLYKID on Facebook, yhh we had to feed our curiosity with words from the horses own mouth. 

The first question we asked the 5foot3 movement leader SLYKID was what brought about 5foot3 and what its all about.

Now this was the reply 😊                                                               

I was trying to encourage a friend of mine as she let me in on grave setbacks she's had growing up. The next day I found myself feeling so inferior when I got sidelined on the basketball court on height basis
It taught me one thing, we've all got shortcomings, but how we handle it makes it either a blessing or a curse
So 5foot3 is will have been another great tune to help encourage the brethren out there concerning their flaws and short comings.
But I'll say this,5 Foot 3 is a movement that deepens that thin line between flaws and limitations.We are flawed creatures at heart and imperfect but that doesn't stand as our limitations.We acknowledge all of the scars we have had over time but these are tattoos we shall grow out from.It is the very breath of the people for here and now.

This reply was all we needed from the 5foot3 artiste. Man we must say the reply was deep.Now we went on to ask him if Ghana should expect more of this from him in the future since 5foot3 was born out of a coincidence. 

This was what he said
I am God-inspired, so far as God will have a message for his children, I shall be in the studio

hmm now this reply is deeper than you see it guys.  Short brief and straight to the core. 

So 5FOOT3 was mixed by EPIDEMIX, featured LI on the spoken word and NW on vocals.   

Enough of the long talk the wait is finally over for the fans of SLYKID, 5FOOT3 was released today 31stAugust2017. 

Stream,Listen and Share 5FOOT3 below.  #5FOOT3 #JOINTHEMOVEMENT

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