Members of the Technical Universities Administrators Association of Ghana (TUAAG), wish to express our dissatisfaction and disappointment with the lackadaisical attitude of government in the way issues of Technical Universities and Polytechnics are being handled. Government has failed in its promise to convert the remaining two polytechnics into Technical Universities, and the reconstitution of the Governing Councils for the various Technical Universities and Polytechnics.

We are therefore calling on government to as a matter of urgency re-constitute the Governing Councils to enable these Institutions carry out their full mandate as enshrined in the Technical Universities Act 922(2016). The absence of these Councils is seriously affecting the smooth running of the Technical Universities and Polytechnics.

The absence of the Governing Councils has made it impossible for Technical Universities and Polytechnics to graduate students who successfully completed their courses of study in 2016 and 2017 respectively.
Promotions and replacement of staff who left the employment of these Institutions still hang in the balance, due to the absence of Governing Councils and clearance from the Ministries of Education and Finance.

The Technical Universities Act 922(2016) and the Government Instrument, which establishes the Technical Universities, states that, “Councils of the various Technical Universities shall prepare and adopt their STATUTES and Conditions of Service to govern the smooth running of such Universities”. It implies that the Technical Universities are currently operating without any statutes and recognised Conditions of Service for their employees.

Government seems to be adamant about what is going on as far as Technical Universities and Polytechnics are concerned. As of now, some of the Technical Universities are without some principal officers, due to the absence of the Governing Councils.

Meanwhile, the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) has since not issued any directive or clearance for these Technical Universities to admit students to pursue the four-year Bachelors of Technology Programmes, as stated in the Act.

Efforts by the leadership of TUAAG to meet with the Minister of Education in-charge of Tertiary have since proved futile.
TUAAG is therefore giving government up until 8th September, 2017 to act on the following concerns, otherwise we will advise ourselves:
  1. Governing Councils for all Technical Universities should be re-constituted to enable the institutions carry out their mandate smoothly;
  2. Government should immediately redeem its promise to convert Bolgatanga and Wa Polytechnics into Technical Universities;
  3. Government should retool Technical Universities to deliver on their mandate;
  4. Government should appoint or re-appoint officers as substantive officers before the expiration of their interim positions; and
  5. The regulatory bodies should remove all impediments to allow the commencement of the four-year Bachelors of Technology programmes.
Issahaku Ibrahim
(General Secretary, National)
cc: Hon. Minister, Ministry of Education
Hon. Minister of State Tertiary, Ministry of Education
The Executive Secretary, National Labour Commission
The Executive Secretary, NCTE
Chairman, CORP

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