The name of the account alone caught our attention on Popular photo sharing app Instagram. Escapades of Akos. The design and the caption of the first post on the account was the second thing that made us want to contact the owner of the account, to find out more about what ESCAPADES OF AKOS is all about. 

This was what she had to say when we got her on whatsapp,

"Escapades of Akos is basically going to be about the adventures of a medical student, Sharing experiences and moments of everything I get up to beyond the hospital, Cos you know what people shouldn't limit themselves to their area of study alone, we should try and spread our wings, broaden our horizon and for once just try and leave your comfort zone and try something new. I always say I try as much as possible not to limit my life to the confines of medicine and the hospital. So yeah I wanna share pictures and experiences from the stuff that interests me and the other things I get up to outside of medicine. 
Also, I want to be able to share my artistic side with the world. You know what? I designed all of the pictures and stuff. And I'm gonna be designing all of the content for my page and yes I wanna share that".

so there you have it, try as much as possible to live outside your territory. Broaden your horizon and lets see how far you get with that. This we must say is going to be a great opportunity for us to see what a medical student can do outside medicine, cos most at times we think medical students are those book long girls and boys out there lolx. So lets see what AKOS has for us, as she kick starts ESCAPADES OF AKOS on her instagram page 
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