#SONSOFAMOS (If there is a man to pray there is GOD to answer!) All you need to know about SONS OF AMOS


In the Book of Luke chapter 18 there is part I love as a writer a lot, It says if there is a man to pray there is a God to answer. Today on Hotainment we bring you an exclusive on a group of men influencing the society in  partnership with God. 

This group is none other than SONS OF AMOS. We caught up with one of the leaders of the group after we found their Instagram page.(CLICK HERE TO VISIT SONS OF AMOS IG PAGE) The name alone baffled our brains and we had to get the exclusive, like we always do for you guys.

Speaking to one of the leaders of SONS OF AMOS this was what he had to say about the noble group 

"Sons of Amos are praying Men who are influencing society in a partnership with God. Son of Amos are honorable men of valor who are changing their world through the might hand of God." 

We questioned why this initiative for men? cause come to think of it, in Ghana we dont really know any men praying group. He said

"Prayer changes things, and the hand of God is moved by Prayers. God in His wisdom has made MEN leaders and leadership is about change. The hand of God is the source of change, when it moves change happens. Men therefore ought to pray and not cease if they will bring the change that their world is in dire need of. 
God in a man’s life is the highest place the man can be. In such a perfect harmony, life is fashioned according to God’s will and the Man is made a blessing to those he is responsible for. MEN must rise in prayer, in cooperation with their creator to make their world a better place. Prayer makes this possible. "Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing" 
- 1 Timothy 2:8"

The answer for the question was just mind blowing, it explained the whole reason behind SONS OF AMOS. 

SONS OF AMOS at the moment has a huge following in Kumasi, The group has been organizing programs from time to time to achieve its vision and mission. 

We are glad to announce one of their spirit filled events comes off 21ST OF JULY AND  
22ND JULY, if you are in Kumasi and you are a man, you dont have to miss this one. 
Its a two day event of men praying for divine change in their lives and the lives of others. 
We will be there so you definitely have to be there. 

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