The kumawood actor and musician Kwadwo Nkansah popularly know us Lilwin has said something on his broken marriage issue, which seems to be gathering a huge following on social media. We posted the story on our instagram page when we got the hint from Nkonkonsa's page. You know how we do it on Hotainment the hot buzz will never pass us by. 
lilwins wife

In an interview with Happy FM disclosed that the stories were false.
“In this world, you cannot be living your life based on rumors and hear say. If I have issues with my wife, I will not come out and start complaining about it. Not at all”, he said.
He also asserted that that rumour was circulating around due to his popularity and added that it might be as a result of the pursuit of ‘quick money’ by some bloggers.
“I understand you guys make money by writing about us. Whoever wants to write about me should write. Once you are a celebrity, your name will be attached to controversies and I understand that”, he said.
“If you are living with a lady and she leaves you when you have not done anything to her, then God will not bless you. So don’t listen to humans. Don’t mind anybody. It is not true.”
Lilwin says its not true so we will wait and see if it is really not true. 
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