Anal Sex IS GREAT! I love it-- Actress Vicky Zugah

This is a hot one on hotainment and we dont know whether this is gossip or not. But Actress Vicky who has been in the news for sometime now because of her spousal abuse issues has resurrected a fresh issue for Ghanaian s to talk about. Now we cant call this gossip because the actress is actually heard saying she loves Anal sex on the show (In bed with adwen) 

She had this to say when she was asked her view on Anal sex“It is great. I mean anal sex is great so find out if your partner likes it or not and then you will enjoy the act. However, not everybody like anal sex so you need to ask the person before you engage in the act with him or her.”

Disclosing this ‘in bed with adwen’ a show which airs on ETV on Saturdays, the actress said she loves anal sex very much but will always ask her partner if he is interested before she will ask him to engage in the act with her. 

Now Vicky is denying she ever said that on the show . Not only that, the actress told Kwasi Abooagye on Peace FM Thursday evening that she never said she’s engaged in such an act before so Ghanaians should rubbish the report.
“I never said anal sex turns me on. I’ve not had anal sex before and I don’t even know it feels like. How will I say anal sex turns me on? I called the producer of the show to take down the video and story so I’m expecting it to be off social media.”
watch the video below to hear what vicky said exactly on In bed with adwen 

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