Yvonne Okoro expresses her disappointment in Local Tv Staations

Actress Yvonne Okoro has expressed her disappointment in local TV stations over their high patronage of telenovelas instead of local TV series and movies.

The ace actress lamented over the sudden interest in Mexican and Indian telenovelas, and questioned their originality.

“What stories are they telling in their movies that haven’t been told before?”

The clearly peeved movie star questioned the mindset of the black person, who in her estimation, always look down on themselves but place importance on foreign stuff.

“Am so happy that people are talking about it finally. What stories are these Mexican, Indian telenovelas telling that we haven’t told already and retold over and over again”

“Is it a poor girl meets a rich man story?, Big deal, we have done it over and over. I guess what they say is true; Africans believe everything black is substandard, “she averred.
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