The death of CAPT MAHAMA came as a shock to the people of Ghana and got a lot of people talking especially on social media. The murder of the Capt of the 5th Infantry Battalion was all planned, a military capo speaking to Kumasi based EIB network FM Abusua FM revealed. 

The people of Denkyira Boase and Diaso who are responsible for the death of the CAPT will never know peace the Military Capo said. 

Soldiers die all the time on the battle field but when a soldier is killed by residents he was to protect, that alone is something we dont understand. 

Fighting them back is not an option because the residents of Diaso cant fight back. But the residents of Diaso have not only killed a soldier but killed the spirit of a soldier. 

Residents of Diaso accused the military for not beating Chinese nationals engaging in Galamsey and in turn killed one of us as a fowl. Going on he said Capt Mahama is a good man, the is trained to kill and could have killed the residents when he saw his life was in danger but he didnt, this alone shows how kind hearted and loving the CAPT is. Nevertheless Military officers across the country are not happy with how their CAPT was stripped naked and burnt.    
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