Kofi Adams reveals in his opinion why Nana Addo met with the ex-presidents

National Organiser for the NDC in his own opinion has revealed why his excellency Nana Addo met with the ex-presidents.
Mr Adams, speaking on the Accra-based radio station Class FM, was of the view that: “When everything is cruising well why provide for interactions” hence such an action can only be embarked upon “when you are faced with challenges that are beyond you”. He noted that one does not "invite somebody to come and help" unless when encountering serious difficulties.

And this, according to Kofi Adams was why Nana Addo held the meeting as he "is facing serious challenges".

This is however contrary to the to the reasons for the meeting as outlined in the official presidential communique that came out. 

In the communique, the President noted that "meeting was to enable the president seek their views on some governance-enhancing measures his administration intended to take."

Kofi Adams applauded the president taking such a bold action despite his reservations about the reason for the meeting. “If he (Mr Akufo-Addo) feels that this I can’t carry all alone and there are people out there who have occupied this seat before me let me tap into their experience, for me it is not a bad thing,” he added.

source: yen.com.gh
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