NSS allowance increment, there is a possibility - Ashanti Regional Secretariat

Ashanti regional secretariat paid a courtesy call to the GTUC Kumasi campus during their SRC week celebration in a seminar organised by the SRC during the week a question was asked concerning the NSS increment rumors which a lot of prospective NSS personnels are looking forward to, The regional secretariat answering the question said the increment of the NSS allowance depends on the year but she went on to say they have an assurance this there will be an increment, going on she said this year the budget read did not factor NSS and so she wouldn't want to give any false hope. 

Answering questions on why prospective personnel are supposed to have their service she said it is compulsory for every 18 year old to have the service according to ACT 426. Students complained to the secretariat about the 40gh they pay for registration, she said it helps to prevent future deductions so students should do well to pay the amount for registration. 

A lot of student complain when it comes to the postings the regional secretariat said postings are based on the demand from the various public institutions and also according to the way and manner students fill their national service forms. 

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