The most recent economic hardships in Ghana serves as a perfect example of masses of people unnecessarily worrying about news and events that are out of their control; all the while, a select brilliant few see the ‘doom and gloom’ as an incredible opportunity to make money and achieve success. 
These optimistic people who have not only learned how to stop worrying, but actually don’t have time for it, have realized that opportunities come before they are prepared and leave before they realize it. 

They likewise know that had they been worrying during those times, their minds would have been clouded and distracted which would have resulted in them not being able to see and recognize opportunities when they came. Perhaps even more importantly than not worrying – they put forth action. Seize every little opportunity and make the best out of it.

Success does not wait for anyone. Dreams are not achieved as a result of procrastination. Goals are never accomplished when idle minds and actions fill our time. The more you worry, the less you act – the less you act, the more you fail. And if part of your worrying includes the excuse that you do not have time – the reality is that you do not make time.

Be up and doing and see every situation or problem as an opportunity in disguise to make the most out of it.


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