Shame is the most debilitating burden and obstacle to experience the blessings of God in your life. Shame ties you to the past and sabotages your glorious future. We all have have things in our life that we want to leave behind, but if you don't know how to deal with shame it will cripple your spirit, imprison your soul and have a negative effect on you physically.

Shame is a merciless tyrant that will extinguish your hope if you don't deal with it. Sin is an action, emotions are feelings but shame is a weight and a burden that people carry. Shame can be felt as something pressing down on you. You are designed not to carry shame.

Through salvation in Christ, there is freedom from shame no matter how recent or long ago the events occurred. There is power over the bondage that sin wraps around you.

Grace grants us the precious gift of righteousness before God. We don't have to earn it, we only have to ask for it and accept it. You can walk confidently free from your past. Don't let the past rob you of your future, don't let the shames of your past keep you down from moving towards where God wants you to be.


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