Bluetooth technology enables communication between electronic devices, over short distances using short wavelength radio transmission and permits us to enjoy our music (mostly) with our wireless devices. 
It is radio waves of microwave frequency range that are used in these devices. A lot of the electronic gadgets available nowadays come with Bluetooth technology to enable easy wireless communication. The question is, how safe are these Bluetooth devices we use on a daily basis?, and what threats are they posing to our health?

Devices such as Bluetooth headsets emit wireless microwave radiations which have shorter wavelengths and a rapid rate of oscillation. This type of radiation is able to penetrate living tissues down to the cellular level.

Non-Thermal microwave radiation has been shown to affect biological changes within the body. These biological changes happen on a cellular level and their effects can be passed on to ones future offspring via genetic damage (DNA, RNA).

Long term exposure to microwave signals from Bluetooth devices can cause many health hazards. It may affect individuals differently but problems arise basically because microwave radiations interrupt cell functioning and natural transmission of energy. 

Some long term effects associated with microwave radiation from Bluetooth devices are; brain tumours and leukemia, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease,chronic neck pain, migraine, and hair loss. It also leads to miscarriage, birth defects, autism, and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Long term use of Bluetooth headsets specifically exposes the brain, the ears and the eyes to a strong field of microwave radiation. Long term Bluetooth Headset use has been linked to blindness, hearing loss, brain tumors, chronic neck pain and stiffness, skin rashes and migraines. However it's not only the headsets that pose these dangers. Other Bluetooth gadgets like wireless keyboards, wireless mouses, printers, and speakers emit the same microwave radiation as the headsets and pose similar health problems.

As much as we enjoy the convenience of our Bluetooth speakers and headsets etc, let us take note of these health dangers associated with long term use of Bluetooth technology and exposure to microwave radiation, and protect ourselves accordingly. Not only can it cause harm to your own health, it can affect your future offspring as well. 

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