Its a fantastic rainy Tuesday Morning, we bring you a spectacular one on Hotainment this morning. You may be wondering why this title, you might be thinking it was to get you here. Well I guess we succeeded in doing that, but you didn't waste your bundle. 

So during the week we listened to this song and we were wondering if the artists on the song were Ghanaians, because everything about this song feels so Trey song, Chris brown steeze lolx. 

All this long talk we just want to present to you *Bad as i WANT* you* from the camp of LIA RECORDS & STARLIGHT INC

Produced by Justin Hunter and Mixed by Akwesi. 

We had a chance to talk to the artist on what inspired a song like this and they had this to say. 

" The song was inspired by love...I made it for potential lovebirds.. Accomplished lovebirds are free to hop on as well.                        

 It becomes a little burdensome when u have a truck load of affection for someone and for reason of fear of being turned down, or not knowing whether the person shares a mutual feeling or having no ideas about how to get it off ur chest. And this even gets worse especially when the one u fall for is a friend, the type u can't afford to lose.''

Hit the hotspot logo below to download and enjoy the song:

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